VMS Tutorial

How to Register

There are now two ways of registering on VMS. This tutorial shows you how to register using a text interface with Mechamaw in Bigfur's IRC. You can however, also use the PHP interface to register which some people might find easier to use.

Getting Started

Please Note, All chat commands containing passwords or email addresses should be sent in a private message window to the chat bot Mechamaw. Otherwise, everyone in the channel will be able to see your message.

All VMS commands begin with vms. For example:

	vms register
	vms login
	vms setheight

On this page, commands are shown with [] around them to indicate the parts of a command. Do not enter these when typing commands yourself.

Registering an Account

Remember to enter these in a private message window to Mechamaw. The register command has five parts, separated by a single space:

The parts come together in this exact order:

	[vms] [register] [account name] [email address] [password]

	For example:
	vms register Mawie stampy@myemailaddress.com mypassword

Logging In/Out

Remember to enter these in a private message window to Mechamaw. When you register an account, you will automatically be logged in. When you come back later and find yourself logged out, getting logged in again is easy:

	[vms] [login] [password]

	For example:
	vms login mypassword

You do not need to enter a username. VMS will use your current in-chat username for that.

Logging out is also easy:

	[vms] [logout]

	For example:
	vms logout

To check to see if you are already logged in to an account, use the amiloggedin command:

	[vms] [amiloggedin]

	For example:
	vms amiloggedin

You can also change your password or have your password emailed to you if you have forgotten it.

Using VMS

The primary function of VMS is to display relative heights. To set the height of your character, use the setheight command along with the desired height. You can use almost any unit of measure, in shorthand or longhand form (feet, ft, centimeters, cm, etc).

	[vms] [setheight] [value][unit]
	For example:
	vms setheight 50ft
	vms setheight 20centimeters
	vms setheight 5000miles

If you're feeling precise, you can add a secondary value in a different unit of measure (5ft 4inches, 200m 12cm, 1mile 3000cm, etc). VMS will add the two together to display the correct height.

	[vms] [setheight] [value][unit] [value][unit]

	For example:
	vms setheight 50ft 20cm
	vms setheight 20centimeters 1mm
	vms setheight 5000miles 80km

VMS also monitors your in-chat username. Using the IRC /nick command with a size tag will have the same effect as a setheight command.

	[/nick] [name][punctuation][size tag]

	For example:
	/nick Mawie[78ft]
	/nick Vapour{20miles}
	/nick Erika_99999km

If you have your height in VMS set to be one height, and you have your username specifying a different height, the name in your name will override the one stored in your VMS account

To check your current height, or someone else's, use the getheight command.

	[vms] [getheight]

	For example:
	vms getheight

To check someone else's current height, add a space and the target's username to the end of the command:

	[vms] [getheight] [target]

	For example:
	vms getheight Mawie
	vms getheight Vapour
	vms getheight Erika

To get detailed information about your current profile, use the whoami command. This will cause VMS to tell you everything it currently has on file about you.

	[vms] [whoami]
	For example:
	vms whoami

To get the same sort of information about someone else, use the whois command. Note that this is different from the IRC /whois command.

	[vms] [whois] [target]

	For example:
	vms whois Mawie
	vms whois Vapour
	vms whois Erika

Other Commands

VMS has a large number of additional commands. They tend to follow the [vms] [command] [variables] convention, just like the examples on this page.You can use the help command to find out information about a specific VMS command

	[vms] [help]

	For example:
	vms help

For a full list of VMS commands, visit the help page